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Gift Vouchers now available!

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Whilst the country is in Lockdown to prevent the spread of Coravirus, we’re looking ahead to the future, when photoshoots can start again and families reconvene to begin life as normal again.
We’re now offering gift vouchers for you to purchase for your future photoshoots, or to put towards next year’s school or nursery photos. Look out for some great deals on our Facebook page too to get a little more… 🙂

Gift Voucher

Professional Staff Boards for Schools and Nurseries

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Professional Staff Boards for Schools and Nurseries

We’ve completed our latest pair of lovely acrylic staff boards for a local Nursery.

Designed to incorporate the Nursery branding, with a high quality finish, but low update costs for when staff details change, these boards are a fantastic and inexpensive way of updating what is usually a mish-mash of staff portraits on pinboards for a more professional look. If your reception needs a refresh, and staff photos are looking a bit tired, give us a call to help you make a great first impression.

Creating these displays is easy, with a couple of hours photographing your staff with our professional portable studio setup, followed by a simple agreement of style and colours. After a couple of chances to tweak the design and details, your boards will be delivered in these magnetic acrylic frames making it simple to swap out the inexpensive staff poster when details change.

We don’t only offer staff boards, but fantastic Quote boards, with recommendations from parents; Display boards highlighting your values or photographs from your latest events; and bespoke display solutions for any School, Nursery or Business. Check out our other School and Nursery Marketing solutions.

Get in touch if we can help you improve your wall displays.

So you’re looking for a new School Photographer? Part 3

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School photographer
Does size matter?

Many Schools, Pre-schools and Nurseries use larger School photography companies simply because they are more visible with a bigger marketing budget than smaller operators. However it’s NOT always the case that they can offer a more reliable service.

Many larger companies take on new photographers from adverts saying ‘no experience needed’ who are then sent out to Schools after a very short period of training. This approach doesn’t replace real photographic knowledge and experience built up over years. They may offer low prices, but might overbook jobs and cancel last minute when the schedule gets tight. You may get a different photographer every year and the calibre of the work may vary. This practice is likely to affect sales and result in complaints from parents.

How can an independent School Photographer differ?

A growing number of Schools & Pre-schools prefer to use a smaller company or local independent School photographer as they often find they provide a much higher quality of photography and a more flexible service. Many smaller companies and independents are from a wedding and portrait photography background which many in our industry feel is the ideal combination of skills. Plus you’re more likely to get the same photographer every time. If they are also SPP accredited, this will indicate that they have satisfied School and/or Pre- school customers that use them for repeat business.

Always check their credentials

However, no matter what company you choose, always check their credentials and get a reference. Take a look at our other tips for finding a new School Photographer in our Blog.

Check out our School photography services

Helping parents fall in love with School Photography again

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School photography
Happy Old Year!

2016 seems an age away now. The School year is in full swing, the daily chores back on the agenda and will the cold weather never end? We’re preparing for our busy season with new, fantastic offerings for our lovely School photography customers!

Time to fall in love with your School photography again…

If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the old boring school portrait photos that our parents felt obliged to buy. A grey, mottled background the only thing that set the image out as being the annual addition to the family album no matter how poor the final result. A document of just how much you’ve grown and how many more spots you’ve cultivated in the last 12 months. And it’s a shame to have to say that in many cases, things haven’t changed much…

Until now. School Photography is changing. We’re bringing the fun and quality of a studio photography session to Schools, Pre-Schools and Nurseries throughout Surrey, Berkshire and beyond. With a fresh look, up to four different poses to select from as well as photos with brothers and sisters, and packages to include prints of any size for you and your family at affordable prices, our School portrait photographs capture the personality of each and every child and will be ones you’ll want to treasure forever!

Then there was the dreaded group photos with one child always willing to play up and cause a commotion! Who ran around the back of the School group to appear twice? Hands up!

Our relaxed and fun group photos means everyone gets the chance to have a little fun, and with two photos on offer per group, there’s bound to be one to make most parents proud!

Refer us and save!

If you’d like School Photos of your kids that you’ll want to keep and share, then refer us to your school and you’ll receive your first School Photographs absolutely free

Get in touch for details.

So you’re looking for a new School Photographer? Part 2

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School photographer

So you’ve seen a great School Photographer‘s website. What now?

Great! You’ve found a photographer who has some amazing photos on his website. Time to book him…

You might see some great sample photos on a website, but how do you know these photos have been taken by the photographer you’ll be using? Portrait shots in brochures and any samples you see may be nothing like the photos that will actually be produced for you. Does the style taken previously match your needs and your location?

Get a referral!

What you really need are a number of references from other satisfied Schools or Pre-schools. Any School photographer worth their salt should be more than happy to direct you to other clients so you can check their work for yourself.
Ask for these references direct from your photographer, look at any School photography reviews or check their accreditation by any association to help you make the right choice. School photographers accredited by SchoolPhotoPro are regularly checked and all references followed up so you know you’ll be hiring a great and valued company.
Check out what our Happy Clients have said about us

So you’re looking for a new School Photographer? Part 1

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New School Photographer?

For whatever reason, you‘ve decided you want to change your school photographer. A quick Internet search of ‘School photographers in… (adding your county or town)’ will bring up plenty of results. Plus you’ll probably already have a few brochures that have been sent in from school photography companies that you may have filed away. With so much choice, how do you decide who to use?

“Can we use just any photographer?”

In our opinion, that’s a VERY BIG NO! School & Pre-school photography is a highly specialised business. It not only relies on great photography but also experience, technical knowledge, people skills (to get those great natural smiles), the ability to work quickly and sometimes under pressure, great organisational skills (on the day of the photo-session and after).

“What about parent orders and security?”

Then there’s the need to deal with lots of individual parent orders, getting prints back in good time, managing payments effectively and of course, awareness of data and child protection legislation.

“Are photographers insured?”

Full public liability insurance cover is vital too. Should the worst happen, your photographer must be covered for any accidents so that the blame doesn’t fall to the School.

Do talk to your chosen photographer before signing up. By selecting an established and accredited School photographer, you’ll be ensuring you don’t come up against problems in the future.

Check out our School photography services

New Schools Photography website launched!

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Schools Photography website

Welcome to our new schools photography website! With our busiest ever year behind us, and an even busier one coming up, we’ve finally found time to launch our new website for our School photography and Nursery photography services.

Schools, Pre-schools and Nurseries will find a host of information on our photography options, plus our many marketing services too. Whilst parents can access their children’s photos through our secure ordering portal.

It’s been a while coming…. and we hope you like the result!

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