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Every School Leaver should get a leavers’ group photograph…

Posted on June 12, 2020 by Admin under Uncategorized
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In the depths of this terrible pandemic, sadly, many Schools and Preschools are not able to invite a photographer to visit to capture this year’s Leavers’ photos. Just another element of normal school life to be interrupted. However, we have a great solution!

We have created an easy way to produce a virtual group photo similar to this example. It’s easy to do, with no work needed from the School, and the result is a fab group photo to treasure!

Simply put, Parents upload their own photo of their child to our online portal, and we create an amazing group photo with your child the main star!

Please share this with your friends or anyone you know who may be missing out on their leavers’ photos this year. No matter where the¬†School is based, we can help them to get a fabulous final photo of all their friends as a memento of 2020!
Contact us at smile@dannyhigginsphotography.co.uk for details.

Lockdown Leavers photos

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