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Helping parents fall in love with School Photography again

Posted on January 28, 2017 by Admin under News
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School photography
Happy Old Year!

2016 seems an age away now. The School year is in full swing, the daily chores back on the agenda and will the cold weather never end? We’re preparing for our busy season with new, fantastic offerings for our lovely School photography customers!

Time to fall in love with your School photography again…

If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the old boring school portrait photos that our parents felt obliged to buy. A grey, mottled background the only thing that set the image out as being the annual addition to the family album no matter how poor the final result. A document of just how much you’ve grown and how many more spots you’ve cultivated in the last 12 months. And it’s a shame to have to say that in many cases, things haven’t changed much…

Until now. School Photography is changing. We’re bringing the fun and quality of a studio photography session to Schools, Pre-Schools and Nurseries throughout Surrey, Berkshire and beyond. With a fresh look, up to four different poses to select from as well as photos with brothers and sisters, and packages to include prints of any size for you and your family at affordable prices, our School portrait photographs capture the personality of each and every child and will be ones you’ll want to treasure forever!

Then there was the dreaded group photos with one child always willing to play up and cause a commotion! Who ran around the back of the School group to appear twice? Hands up!

Our relaxed and fun group photos means everyone gets the chance to have a little fun, and with two photos on offer per group, there’s bound to be one to make most parents proud!

Refer us and save!

If you’d like School Photos of your kids that you’ll want to keep and share, then refer us to your school and you’ll receive your first School Photographs absolutely free

Get in touch for details.

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