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So you’re looking for a new School Photographer? Part 1

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Admin under Tips
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New School Photographer?

For whatever reason, you‘ve decided you want to change your school photographer. A quick Internet search of ‘School photographers in… (adding your county or town)’ will bring up plenty of results. Plus you’ll probably already have a few brochures that have been sent in from school photography companies that you may have filed away. With so much choice, how do you decide who to use?

“Can we use just any photographer?”

In our opinion, that’s a VERY BIG NO! School & Pre-school photography is a highly specialised business. It not only relies on great photography but also experience, technical knowledge, people skills (to get those great natural smiles), the ability to work quickly and sometimes under pressure, great organisational skills (on the day of the photo-session and after).

“What about parent orders and security?”

Then there’s the need to deal with lots of individual parent orders, getting prints back in good time, managing payments effectively and of course, awareness of data and child protection legislation.

“Are photographers insured?”

Full public liability insurance cover is vital too. Should the worst happen, your photographer must be covered for any accidents so that the blame doesn’t fall to the School.

Do talk to your chosen photographer before signing up. By selecting an established and accredited School photographer, you’ll be ensuring you don’t come up against problems in the future.

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