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So you’re looking for a new School Photographer? Part 2

Posted on January 28, 2017 by Admin under Tips
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School photographer

So you’ve seen a great School Photographer‘s website. What now?

Great! You’ve found a photographer who has some amazing photos on his website. Time to book him…

You might see some great sample photos on a website, but how do you know these photos have been taken by the photographer you’ll be using? Portrait shots in brochures and any samples you see may be nothing like the photos that will actually be produced for you. Does the style taken previously match your needs and your location?

Get a referral!

What you really need are a number of references from other satisfied Schools or Pre-schools. Any School photographer worth their salt should be more than happy to direct you to other clients so you can check their work for yourself.
Ask for these references direct from your photographer, look at any School photography reviews or check their accreditation by any association to help you make the right choice. School photographers accredited by SchoolPhotoPro are regularly checked and all references followed up so you know you’ll be hiring a great and valued company.
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